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We’re in this business since 1987 and we provide the best services.

Alteration in some form by putting our clients at the core of all that we do separates us from our opposition. Our obligation to you, our borrowers:

Direct card payment

A direct debit is an automatic transaction that transfers money from your account to another.

Direct card payment

Manage the amount and frequency of recurring payments to suit both you and your customers.


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Safe and Secure Payments

Our mode of payment sysyetm is a safe & secure payment system that uses a number of state-of-the-art security measures. We make your data & security our top priority

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Quick Payment Process

We have the fastest payment gateway system which is the ability to complete a payment almost immediately and at any time.

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No Prepayment Charges

Any payments made in addition to your contractual monthly payment will be applied towards a reduction in the principal balance of your loan.

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Auto Car Loan

Auto Car Loan

Car You can get car finance with less than perfect credit.

Your payments are fixed with a car finance agreement, and your agreement lasts for how long you want it to. Therefore, you always know how much you need to pay and when you’ll be paying it

Wedding Loan

Home Loan

We can can help you pay your rent if you're unemployed, on a low income or claiming benefits.

We provide home loans at 9 to 15% interest rate and the properties price in a prime location may rise by 7-8% per year.

Property Loan

Property Loan

Buying a property through our Loan Finance is a smart decision that allows you to make money in the long run that bring financial benefits.

This suggests a house will return a high profit on investment within a few years

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Our loan calculator gives you a realistic idea of how much you could borrow and what your repayments and interest rates could be.

Use our simple loan calculator to find out how much your monthly repayments, annual interest rate and loan amount could be. Borrow any amount from $1,000.00

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*These calculators are provided only as general self-help Planning Tools. Results depend on other factors.


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Lincoln Journal Star

Juan Certain

Co-Owner of Villa Myriam Coffee and The Brew

The UTB Loan Finance has been a key partner in our success, and an invaluable asset for the growth and future of our company. Thank you UTB Loan Finance.

Essie Perez

Maud Beenhouwer

Director of New Mexico Jazz Workshop

UTB Loan Finance has made it possible for us to extend our concert series for more New Mexicans to enjoy, while also helping to support local artists.

Dustin Dunn

Michael Bartlett

Business Manager of St. Elizabeth Shelter

We thank The UTB Loan Finance for their support of our thriving local music scene. We don’t know what we would have done without them. !


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Because we are focused on giving you the right home credit to address your issues. We will examine each part of your advance with you and guarantee you grasp the fine subtleties - like cutthroat financing costs, offset offices, limitless extra stores, and redraw offices. You can depend on us to give you a client care that you will an incentive for the existence of your advance and that we will keep on supporting you in accomplishing your future objectives.

Lowest bank fees

Our correspondent Bank charges a small amount of money for keeping the account with no monthly fees, no overdrawn, transaction or withdrawal fees. Apply online.

Up to 20.000$ limit

You can pay someone up to $20K per day if you're using any of our correspondent Bank agent account number or PayID.

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Click on Apply Now, register with your valid information, and wait for your credit approval.

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Employee recognition

When people rock it, we let them know it with special recognition and meaningful rewards only come from our loan Fianace.

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Paid vacations

Our loan finance offers generous annual paid vacation accrual plus nine paid holidays per year. You’ve earned it, so take your time off and enjoy

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Charitable match

We’re as committed to communities as you are. Let us know about your charitable contribution, and we’ll match it!

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